This is a company that supports brands that have no representation in the United States, through the use of modern and current tools, performing sup er vision and merchandise in the points of sale in order to increase indirect sales through the extra orders made by them


Many brands located in the United States are imported  from  Latin  American countries  or  from  other   markets,   these   brands   arrive   through   outsourced  distributors, they offer a distribution service both to these brands  and  to  many others they represent, for this reason the brands are  not  taken  to  their  maximum sales  limit  and  visual  capacity  because  the  effort  is  dispersed  among  the number of brands that are represented by the distributor.


Shopperting comes to be considered as the eyes of these brands in the Unite d States, making a controlled and continuous supervision of the points of sale and providing such information in the form of reports (p ho to graphic , inventory and custom er request), in the required frequency, by performing the Shopper Marketing service through Shopperting optimizes the capacity in space and presentations (SKUS) in each point of sale, making an accurate increase in the amount of items to be sold in these points of sale .


It also has the necessary information  to  undertake  a  more optimal distribution and be able to make decisions that affect  the market in the  short  term, having this information in an almost instantaneous way, this gives brands the assurance that their products are in the best possible way within the points of sale.


These reports are made according to each brand's needs, providing the information that KAM consider important for decision making.

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Brand Management

A relationship will be established with the point of sale in an effort to obtain improvements in space and visual quality.

GPS Tracking

All our representatives are monitored by GPS technology, for an accurate monitoring of each POS.

Indirect Sales


The more frequently empty spaces are filled, the more items are sold at each point.

Custom Scheduled Visits


The quantity, frequency and information required per visit is specially made according to the client's needs, as well as photographs of specific information.

Products Inventory


This tool gives the opportunity to know the products shown in points of sale during a certain time period.

You'll Get....

Pictures of your shelves, inventories by product, visual improvement at the time of the visit, representative of your brand for the store and many other things...



Years Experience


Happy Clients


Yearly Visits


Estates in USA





The growth in units for sale has been from 900 units before Shopperting to 4,000 units to date.

Canned Products

The front of the cans will always face the clients increasing by 19% the benefits for each store.

Packed Products

The frequency of visits has allowed the client to open more than 50 new  stores in  a period of 12 months.




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